Pubic Hair Is Natural

Ruby's Pearls of Wisdom: "Pubes are a delicious scent trap, a pheromone red carpet that guides you into the VIP area and let’s you know I’m ready."

Before You Start Touching

Ruby's Pearls of Wisdom: "Before you get into any touching you need to start paying her some serious attention. Notice I said her, I didn’t say her genitals!"

Sex Toys Rock!

Ruby's Pearls of Wisdom: “My Owner likes to hit the G with her favourite piece of vibrating plastic, but sex toys aren’t just for those intimate moments alone, sex toys are for sharing too.

Look Down On A Man

Ruby's Pearls of Wisdom: "I just love to look down on a man, especially when his head is between my legs."

How Do You Describe A Smell?

What do I smell like? Gorgeously fucking sexy! How do you go about describing a smell anyway? I suppose, like any recipe, you start off with your list of basic ingredients and then you carefully