I, Vagina – The Book

An Insider’s View of Sex & Orgasm


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What’s it all about?

As this book is all about me, I suppose I’d better tell you why I thought it needed to be written. Here’s a snippet from the intro:

I thought I’d write this book purely for selfish reasons. Because I’ve had it up to here (use your imagination) with all the fumbling, inept, and downright abysmal treatment I’ve had to endure over the years since she became sexually active. Why she puts up with it, I do not know.

You guys really do need to learn how we vaginas work, that way you can give me the right attention once you get your hands into her panties. I know some of you may have been here before but, let’s face it, you haven’t been doing too well up to now, have you?

This book will give you uninhibited inside access to what sex and orgasms are all about from my point of view. It’s a short, practical hands-on guide to keeping me happy with no punches pulled and no feelings spared.

If you want a dry scientific manual of female sexuality and anatomy, which goes on and on for so long you lose interest in sex altogether, you’re in the wrong place, baby.

When it comes to sex, orgasms and how to treat a girl there’s no real mystery; guys just need to understand that girls don’t work in the same way as they do.

This book explains it all – straight from the horse’s mouth!

Having great sex, like reading a good book, is all about starting at the introduction and opening chapters, sticking with it through the l-o-n-g middle section, and not stopping until you get to the climax and acknowledgements at the end.

Do this and you will make your Ruby very happy indeed. You will be transformed from fumbling apprentice to confident Casanova right before your girl’s very eyes – and chances are she’s going to want a lot more of what you’ve just given her! That has to be a good thing, right?


“Most real girls I know really do not get off on things of any description being stuffed up their rectums. Rectums are an exit, not an entrance.”
Ruby's Pearls of Wisdom