Who the hell was it that decided ‘vulva’ would be the best word to describe this thing we girls hold between our legs?  A vulva is not something sexy and beautiful, a Vulva in my head is a tired old Swedish car. Something safe, slow and boring.

Fuck that, that is so not me. I like to think of myself as something a bit more exciting than that, something that will fire the imagination and stir the blood. So let’s dump the Vulva right now and find another word to describe a thing of beauty such as me.

And now, ladies and gentlemen (drum-roll)… introducing (still with the drum-roll)… the Furrara!

A sensuously-sleek thoroughbred in racing red. Exciting, temperamental and raring to go. From here on in we’re going to fire up our Furrara and launch her, wheels spinning, down the road, leaving that sad old Vulva forever choking in our dust.

Go forth and spread this new word, sisters. Embrace it, own it, show it off wherever you can. Be proud of your shiny new Furrara.

(Volvo image: eepaul on Flickr)