Once I had the bare bones of the book written I thought I might look around for someone to help me put it all together and guide me on my self-publishing journey.

I can’t remember who told me, or how I found out about them (I started the book a long time ago), but I ended up contacting the guys at Sophemi Publishing Solutions for some advice and a bit of a hand-holding. I suppose you would call them geeks because they only do the technical stuff. I like to call them creative geeks, because they make things look nice as well.

They’ve been great from the start. They suggested a couple of edits to the cover design, which I’d done myself, and they made this website you’re looking at, which I just love. They are currently formatting the manuscript for Kindle, and that should be out by the end of July this year. They’ll also be doing the same for the paperback when it comes out.

They’ve been very patient and have never once complained when I’ve changed my mind about something yet again. However, they are not editors, or a publicists, or a marketers, or any of the many other things a self-publisher has to be.

The rest of the self-pubbing work is all down to me to do, I’m afraid. It’s a great way to get your book out there but don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s easy, it’s not – but it is a whole lot of fun!

I’ll be keeping you posted with how it’s going on a regular basis, so do stay tuned.