As my up-coming book, ‘I, Vagina’, is all about me I suppose I’d better tell you a bit about myself, put a face to the name, so to speak.

Here’s the bit from the book that describes me:

I’m fairly neat and tidy to look at but my inner lips aren’t shy, they like to hang out there a bit and strut their stuff, looking for a bit of action. As I said earlier, I’m a redhead (a sort of gingery blonde to be precise). I have a fine silky thatch up on my mound and I’m neatly trimmed around the business end. She likes me nicely covered everywhere and is not into the shaved look. I like this, it keeps me warm at night!

It also provides me with the proper place nature gave me to nurture my musky smells. You’ll like that once you get down there. You do go down there, don’t you? If you don’t like going ‘down there’ you’d better fucking start liking it, and quick, because until you do you’ll forever be a four-out-of-ten man when she puts those notches in the bedpost.

Being a redhead, her skin is quite pale so my lips and inner bits tend to be prominently pink. Once you’ve done your bit and warmed her up, my lips will tend to redden further and the outer ones will plump up. I am also a bit of a gusher, by the time you get your hand in her panties they’ll be wet – and I don’t mean damp.

As you can see, I’m not the kind of Ruby that holds back, you’ll definitely know when I’m ready!

As you have probably guessed by now, I am a vagina. Pleased to meet you. You’re going to get to know me very well, intimately even, once we go further along the path of enlightenment together.

The book is coming soon. Hopefully, once you’ve read it, your chosen Ruby will be too. See you on the inside.